Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Getting Better

Dear grandparents,

I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know how much better I feel today. Mommy says my spunk is coming back and I am definitely feeling a little more like Fancy Nancy. I still feel tired when my Motrin is wearing off but I will be back to my dancing self in no time. I just know it! Mommy and Daddy bought me my FAVORITE jello pudding pops aka "Cake Popsicles" and I am sooooooooo excited! Gabriel sure is acting strange though. He keeps getting mad when I steal his toys from him--- He must be sick. Why else would he be getting so upset?

I guess I picked a nice rainy day to be home.

In case you don't feel like reading this love letter, I sent you a video message as well. Pardon my hair--- I wasn't quite up for hair-washing last night.

Love you!


Lisa said...

Glad Molly is better. But, ummm...where exactly did you find the pudding pops? They are one of only two cravings I had during my pregnancy and I had no idea they even made them anymore. Share, share, share!!!

Crazy May Days said...

oooh! I found them at the Walmart neighborhood market in uptown! But, I have seen them at albertson's too. That is crazy that you can't find them!