Sunday, September 20, 2009

Daddy Birthday!

Kelly is taking his "5 minutes" to mourn the Cowboy loss - so I will take my own 5 minutes for a quick post!

Birthday week has officially kicked off! HOORAY!!! This weekend was a blast and today was all about celebrating this guy...

yes, he WANTED to pull weeds on his birthday. I promise.

I have a bunch of pictures below so I will try to keep the writing to a minimum.

The kids got really crafty with making Kelly's card this year. I was pleased because we did reach the intended daddy watery-eyed moment that made the mess all worth it. Oh. Did I mention the mess?

Gabriel = BIG mess... (yes, that is finger paint in the hair and crayola in between his two front teeth)

Molly made a equally large mess -perhaps a little more contained...

Then Gabe sort of regretted his mess for about 5 minutes...
and then resumed painting his right arm.
Friday night, we ventured out to one of our favorite festivals, Oktoberfest, in Addison. Molly and I toasted our two favorite boys...
and that made them happy.
Saturday night, Kelly and I made it to the ranger game where several FIRSTS happened. This was the first time that I had attended a game that only lasted an hour and half. Wow. We were home in time to see my longhorns to victory (although, I also freakishly checked the blackberry from the stadium too...hook em'). That was amazing.
But wait--- even better---
Have you ever seen a tomato this big on a Wendy's Jr. burger?!?!?!
* please note that the burger is the size of the bun which is why you can't see it. wow... too bad I asked for no tomato.
and yes, I did take a picture of my dinner but none of us... don't judge.

We had a blast at the game but unfortunately, returned home to one hot ta-molly. She is fighting something. We stayed close to home today and had to cancel birthday burritos at Freebirds with family. Don't worry- we still had bunches of fun playing around the house and planting flowers...

I promise it was fun...

just perhaps Mommy took a few too many pictures...

Molly has heated back up to an alarming 106 tonight but after a frantic call to our pediatrician she is asleep and her fever is back down. It has been fiery finish to a fabulous birthday weekend. I mean how could a little sick stop us from celebrating such an AMAZING (and studly!!!) man?

Happy Birthday, Kel----we hope that all your birthday wishes come true!
Looking forward to all the birthday week fun to come... and the nice visit to the pediatrician in the morning.

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