Tuesday, September 1, 2009


So it seems that the May brood is a bit more adaptable than I had originally given us credit for. I cannot believe how quickly we have developed a new routine revolving around school, ballet, rugby, and that thing called work! Although the weather may not indicate it, our busy calendar sure does look a like lot Fall. The fall ALWAYS seems SO busy. Perhaps, maybe this is why I love it so much -well that and sweaters, hot chocolate, birthday week, holiday fun, longhorn football... you know... all the stuff that is still to come.

It seems that we are all learning new and wonderful things this season. Molly learns something new every day at school. She tries to tell me her entire day in the 30 seconds I am buckling her in the car seat. Today she apparently learned two VERY important lessons.

Lesson 1: The letter A says "eh" (which has a WHOLE song that she will sing over and over)

Lesson 2: Apparently someone (perhaps Molly) might have had an escape toot today at school because Molly asked me, "Did I know that every bottom has gas in it?" Apparently, there was a little tutorial on flatulence.

Gabriel seems to have just taken off with all the extra attention. Today we went to this little gym program at a Dallas Recreation Center and it was SO much fun and a perfect activity for Gabriel. The program uses lots of mats and bunches of balls---his favorites! We are both learning that a little quiet in our day is actually a nice thing. When I am driving though, I do have to remind myself that Gabe is in the car (he normally just likes to look out the window).

Kelly has decided that he just might the best kept secret in the world of Rugby. He has never played but now has jumped right into the Dallas Rugby life and is having a blast! He is learning the value of eating before practice, how to not break his body and various clothing he can transform into ice packs. Did you know that a cut up sock makes the best ice pack for you knee? Apparently, it does.

See, now you learned something new too!

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Casey Hosler said...

I love that she is learning about toots! That makes me giggle!