Monday, March 15, 2010

Festival Weekend

While we might be EXTREMELY tired and a little under the weather now, we wouldn't trade this weekend of fun for anything! This weekend, we took a nice trip down south to visit two of our three favorite Figueroas!

Gabriel's and Jude's birthdays fall just 10 days a part so we hope to have a yearly god brother birthday celebration weekend! This year was a great start to a new tradition.

Gabriel was SO excited about Jude's gift... we actually had to give it to him when Gabe was off playing in the other room. Although Jude has yet to uncover his LOVE of firetrucks, it will come soon--Gabey will make sure of it!

What a weekend for festivals! Spring was definitely here and at times it felt a little like we were bordering summer conditions. Oye. Everywhere we went this weekend was insanely crowded... it seems we weren't the only ones soaking up the sunshine! While hitting up three festivals was SUPER fun, it was also a wee tiring...

Lots of time eating out and riding in the car. Perfect for some quality hand holding.

The San Antonio zoo was so much fun! Where else can you pet a chicken...
feed some snails?

Lure in the fish...

And then catch them!
We sure ate some quality food!!! YUMMY. Mealtimes were busy! These kiddos had so much to say...

I don't know what is going on here but for some reason I think this picture is pretty funny

It was at dinner Saturday night that I realized I had birthed a comedy genius.

High comedy right here, folks.

The rest of the San Antonio pictures will come in a separate post by Molly. We bought her an instant camera so she could take pictures of the Luminaria Festival. Mainly I look for the pictures to feature random feet, several clouds and about 11 pictures of Aunt Balissa.

After all this fun in San Antonio, Rosie George, reminded us that we had yet to celebrate her first successful road trip. So, we scheduled a play date with our favorite lady dogs and headed out to the Kite Festival in Austin.
It is so fun to have a dog in Austin!
Especially when your buddies have such great dogs too!

The kites were incredible and we are definitely going to bring our own to fly next year. After we take our train ride on the Zepher again! And this time, we will remember to take more pictures.
What a weekend!
While we MAY have celebrated in the south a little too late, Gabe MAY have lasted 4 hours with a cookie stuck in his nose, we MAY have experienced two episodes of motion sickness, and one very lovely "explosion of sorts"... it was definitely a GREAT trip with so many candid memories...

Can't wait to visit again!

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