Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Madness

Well, it seems that we have taken a nice break from all things indoors recently because quite frankly --- we've been there and done that. Unfortunately, our computer lives inside because I have yet to invest in a nifty sun screen for our laptop. So alas, it has been break from blogging too.

Wait a second.

Did I say sun screen? Oh yes, that is right! Let me catch you up... After months in hiding it seems that our dear friend, the sunshine, has decided to up and rejoin Dallas living. This sunny stretch was just about better than any major holiday. It is amazing how pale I look in the light. I'll take what I can get though.

Now, don't get me wrong here. March 1st arrived and decided to hang with the "in" group for awhile and keep it nice and consistently RAINY. A cold, wet, bad-for-grocery-shopping-but-clearly-out-of- food rainy sort of Monday. I was not impressed. But we survived it... after all --- we are no longer wet/snowy winter greenhorns here...

And then one day just like that, it stopped.

It seems our March decided to embrace individuality and let its little self shine... brightly for 6 straight days. So we threw a party and invited our friends...

And had cupcakes, of course.
Sunshine just never felt so good.

So now, the rain is back. The heater kicked on tonight for like two seconds and it had that house is burning smell to it. While it was an initial icky smell, it was also a nice reminder that we have not had the heat on in a while. Hooray gas bill. I like to think of this today rain as a chance for us to say hello to the house again, feed the forgotten cat, visit our indoor toys for the next day or so- you know, take care of business.

After that, bring on the sun because we have got some great places to go...

and we are ready.

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