Monday, March 1, 2010

Super Saturday!

What a soggy Monday! Our poor backyard has slowly transformed in a swamp with what appears to be a torn up something or other throughout the yard. While I really want to blame Rosie George, I know that in my heart it was probably me that left some trash sitting out because I didn't want to lug it to our big bin. Ugh. Maybe the rain can just wash it to someone else's yard? Shameful I know.

Typically on a day like today I would be a little in mourning. You see, a Julie without vitamin D in abundance is really not very fun to be around. Luckily, today is not typical BECAUSE... this weekend we basked OUTSIDE in the gloriously rare and slightly warm SUNSHINE! It was lovely and quite possibly my favorite weekend ever. And that says a lot.

This weekend was the first one since I can remember that we were obligation free of EVERYTHING. No plans. No commitments. Just fun in the sun. Saturday was by far the most packed. We started early and loaded up for a family walk with the baby jogger. I think I might have referenced before that weekend walks (coffee in hand so not TRUE exercise) happen to be my most favorite part of my marriage. There is nothing better than having constant adult conversation about your hopes and dreams with the person you love most in the world. And... because my husband is brilliant and decided to use the splitter on the ipod for the kids to listen to we had UNINTERRUPTED quality talk time. That would have been enough right there.

We went on a long walk and ended up at our local elementary school playground. Rosie was so pooped that she took a nice little nap while Gabriel brought her around 17 quality sticks. That pup was SO tired. We played in the sun for a good hour before going home for nap time. After nap it was off to the arboretum. I have referenced before how much I love this place so I will spare the details... and leave you instead with some pictures...

This is a true riding-in-my-covered-wagon-world-is-against-me pout. Very little house on the prairie of her.
We ran home after the arboretum to grab our coats because it was getting chilly! We kidnapped one Nonnie and took to dinner by way of Trolley. Perfect ending to a perfect day.

So today I can handle the rain but tomorrow I am definitely hoping for more sunshine! Hurry up, Spring!!!

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