Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Let the lists begin...

It seems that once that New Year officially begins so many of us whip out the sharpened #2s and a nice fresh notebook to make some plans. No? Just me? Oh. I see how this is.

Well, I will just focus on me then. I have been VERY absent from the ole' blog recently. While I would love to say that I have been cranking out all sorts of things on my list the truth is that I have been working a bunch at the hospital. I have to fund all my big projects somehow, you know.

Big projects? Lists? Oh yes... see. This is me these days. (With long brown hair and a jupiter-sized middle).

Can we say hello, third trimester? Lucy has really been working at kicking me into gear (ALL THE TIME) and now I am in full fledged nesting mode. I find it comical that some people NEVER nest in their pregnany and I start at about week 26. EVERY.SINGLE.PREGNANCY. Right now, my nesting is all the normal things like setting up a baby space, make lists of what we need, buying bunk beds... (a post for another day). Unfortunately, the closer we get to Lucy's big debut the weirder my nesting tendencies become. With Molly I spent hours organizing our spice cabinent and with Gabriel it was the utility closet. HOURS. And nobody even saw the fruits of my---or perhaps my husband's---- labor. Poor Kelly. For those of you pregnant ladies out there that don't nest--- my husband would like to make a 9 month trade for you.

So. Little blogging but lots of doing afoot. And I am going to work on blogging about all the exciting new things we are adding to home. That is---- once I stop writing/dreaming about them and we actually get it together.

Get excited--- I know I am.


Carole said...

i'm so a nester. i've been known to scrub our bathroom floors with a toothbrush while 8 months pregnant...but then again i also did that about 2 months ago, so maybe it's just my personality:)

I loved your post. I read a big part of that nesting paragraph alout do James. Too funny@

tiffanymiller said...

Nest on sista!

Mary Anne said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see what projects you are working on!!