Monday, January 31, 2011

Pictures coming soon!!

In spite of working 10.5 hours yesterday at the hospital, it was an oober productive weekend! In fact, one might even say it was paintastic!!! We have a bunch of exciting projects going on in the next few weeks!

This weekend, we painted the baby crib, antiqued this new piece for our entryway and are working on a little end table. We also went through the storage shed outside and pulled out everything baby... I won't even tell you how many boxes this was because it is pretty shameful. Next week we are buying and painting bunk beds and then putting the room together. I wish it were today because I can't wait!!!

I really had every intention of posting pictures but can't seem to find my camera USB cord anywhere. Hmm. I am going to look really hard later so I can post pictures!!

I love when random spring weekends arrive because it sure makes all the outside projects SO much easier to accomplish. Too bad we are supposed to be in the 20s again tomorrow. Oh , Texas.

Stay tuned!

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