Thursday, January 6, 2011

Picture Day

I cannot even begin to tell you just how amazing it is to be in the second semester of preschool. I look back at pictures from August and I can't believe that I am looking at the same kiddos! Speaking of pictures... a couple weeks ago was picture day at the preschool. I am going to talk about a shameful little truth here... When we received the proofs Molly's pictures came out okay but Gabriel's were GREAT. It seems that it is always a struggle to get a good picture of him these days so I was definitely going to buy a picture packet of his. It wasn't until I had some disapproving looks from a certain daddy of the family that I realized I had to buy both packets. I guess that would be a little hard to explain to an older Molly... "Um, yeah... Mommy thought your preschool picture wasn't all to great so we just skipped over it and settled for just Gabey". The second-child-in-me is very ashamed. And now that I have both pictures... I have to say, I am really glad that I bought both. You have some mail headed your way, grandparents!

So second semester of school is sooooooo different than the start of the school year. What's new you ask? Well, let me tell you.
Molly: Is now on the cusp of reading. She can spot every letter in writing, is putting sounds together and can identify words she already knows in a story. This kid is going to go CRAZY when she can actually read. She is a HUGE lover of books. Pretty much any activity we do now, she is about 90% independent in. She picked up some scissors the other day and helped me cut out some Christmas clings. She cut straighter than Mommy. Molly has a bunch of great friends at school and now that I am really close to some of the other parents we have fun playing outside of school too. It helps that everyone is literally walking distance from my house. Which means that all her little friends will potentially land in her kindergarten class in August. Just shy of 6 months from now. HOLY.COW. I am sooooooo not ready for that... luckily, Molly is. The only thing she worries about in kindergarten is her "teeth falling out".
Gabriel: Oh Gabey. First of all, the number one reason I love this school is because they really do love Gabriel for the busy, short tempered, bulldozer of a boy that he is. In regards to language development and fine motor, Gabriel is off the charts! His biggest struggle with school has been sharing and dealing with conflict. His ability to identify vocally his feelings is just about the cutest thing ever and something home and school have been working so much on... let me tell you--- a whole week of no "troubles" as Gabe calls it. Major progress! Gabriel now can spot any letter in the alphabet which is amazing--- I completely attribute this to the fact that he is sitting right with us as we are going over it all with Molly. His favorite letters are W and F and he talks about them all the time. When people ask him if he is going to be three he tells them, "No, I am going to be W." And technically... he is right. I am going to try to get him on film tomorrow saying the pledge of allegiance. It is really funny.
So... we here we are in semester two. There are lots of fun school activities coming up including the teddy bear picnic on the last day of school which I really can't wait for!!!

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tiffanymiller said...

you are such a good mom--I never buy school pics. Shocked? no?