Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Brady's

What a busy week! Between working all week at the hospital, we managed to squeeze in a BUNCH of fun with some friends. Our good friends, The Brady's, were in town from Colorado. They were bringing their first little son, Seth, to good ole' ATX for the first time. What better reason to throw a party, no?

Seth is just a few weeks older than Lucy. She was in LOVE.
 First kiss with her boyfriend, Seth. She had to get them in before Seth drops Lucy for Helen.

 What a great night with friends!!!

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Precious Hours said...

Ok, I read this post a while back and I'm finally getting around to writing my comment. I CRIED when I read it because I miss you guys and wish Helen and I could have been there to meet little Lucy and sweet Seth! I've always been the one to just hop in my car and drive to Austin on a moments notice, and that just doesn't work with a 2 month old. ;) I can't believe you have been in Austin for a year already! How time flies! It makes me so happy to see that the May's are so happy and living all of life's adventures to the fullest. :)