Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Graduate

This morning we celebrated our little graduate. I know that there are a bunch of people that think preschool graduation is silly and that by over celebrating the little events, we are creating a generation that struggles with entitlement and the expectation of immediate reward. Yes. I hear you, people. I just believe that anytime you can celebrate a scholastic endeavor of your child,  you are further supporting their confidence in the pursuit of academia. Even in preschool. So that is what we did this morning. We celebrated our Molly girl as she finished her last day of preschool and plunged forward into this unknown world of elementary school. Ready or not world, we officially have a kindergartener!

For selfish reasons, I  could keep these preschool years for longer. I love this age. Molly has the funniest little outlook on life and is in this really inquisitive phase that I really hope lasts a lifetime. I love to share in her perception of the world. In many ways, I wish that Molly and Gabriel were just a little closer in age (am I crazy or what?!?!) so that they would just be 1 year in school apart. He has LOVED having her at school. He especially loves it when he passes her in the hall or ends up at recess with her. His teachers tell me that he just hugs on to her so tightly.

And today at graduation was no exception.
Hard to believe that they won't be together in the same school again until Molly is in second grade---Which I am sure will get here all too fast. Sigh.

Molly's class put together a program with about 8 songs and then they received their diploma. I am continually shocked at how my loud and rambunctious daughter can transform into a timid and shy girl on stage. Don't be looking for a smile in the video footage---there is an almost smile--- but we were just celebrating the fact that she didn't cry.

*Don't forget to pause music on the side!

Oh, we're off to kindergarten yes we are... Yee Haw!


Rebekah Baker said...

I cannot believe that 'little' Molly is off to kindergarten! She is looking so much like a BIG girl. I know this must be bitter sweet for you. Hope you and the rest of the family are doing well. Sending Baker love from TN!

Max said...

Oh, I just love that pic of Molly and Gabey SO much! Congratulations Momo!! I am so proud of you!!