Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Full Circle

Adventure seeking. High speed, unpredictable chaos all wrapped up in a nice little ball of excitement. Adventures carry a high probability of knocking you off your feet and yet the thrill of something new propels you forward. A drive maybe? In life, I feel that there are many windows to adventuresome living. Some truly plunge-worthy while others serve only as a glimmer of a dream to be put into action some time in the very near future. Recognizing the right moment to leap can leave you feeling doubtful, foggy-headed and quite honestly a bit run down. This adventuresome living can be tiring, no?

Sometimes, you don't even see the adventure until it has passed you by--- hopefully sweeping you up in it. Spontaneous adventures can make the whole process oh-so much easier. Happenstance. Other adventures are a compilation of forethought, effort and a good dose of heartache.

Like moving.
One year ago today.

Thinking back to moving day, I feel overwhelmed. All those boxes, hugs goodbye and the leap into the unknown. Scary overwhelming and yet plunge-worthy for sure. You see, moving to Austin was a glimmer of a dream for a really looooong time. And then one day ---- it was reality.

What a year it has been. Hard times? You betcha. Moments of doubts? Uh-huh. Bits of fun? No way....

Try Bunches.

Adventuresome living? Why not.

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tiffanymiller said...

Even though you left me...I am so glad that you guys are happy in Austin! But...summers aren't the same without you! Missing our May friends!