Thursday, May 5, 2011

Dream Mom, no?

Today was 'Munchies with Mom' at Molly and Gabe's preschool. It was really special and made me feel very loved. I especially loved all the things Molly and Gabriel made for me.

One of Molly's gifts was a questionnaire placement that she had made for me. Her answers to the questions were quite interesting.

My mom's Name is: Julie
She is: 25 years old
She has: Blue eyes and brown hair
Her favorite food is: cake, jello?, cupcakes and ice cream
I love my mom because: I love her! Because she lets me watch tv.

So, according to my daughter I am a 25 year old, bon-bon eating couch potato. Awesome. At least she loves me with an exclamation point.


sarah said...

OMG this made me laugh out loud!!!! that is so sweet. She LOVES you!!!

Max said...

Man, that kid really knows you! You are the biggest cake lover that I know! xoxoxo!