Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today was my day to get things done. The older two at were at VBS this morning and it was just me and Lu. Ready to party. Because tomorrow is the LAST day of VBS and I will quickly return to the awesomeness that is all-my-children-around-me-all-the-time mode (sigh.), today was the day to knock out the to do list. Oil change, anyone? In all fairness, I did drive to the auto center to use my Groupon but it seemed that everyone else in Austin did too. The lack of available parking did little to ensure my in-and-out oil change.

So I did as any sane person would do... I returned home where I kicked it back college frat boy style---the day after the party. Unfamiliar? You know--- passed out on the couch (snuggling a baby!), potentially on a pillow of drool, stuff all over the house, only to be awakened with some leftover frozen pizza and somewhat flat coca-cola. Man, all that was missing was a house-full of wounded soldiers. I know. I am the envy of the neighborhood.

So much for productivity--- but wowzers... what a nap.

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