Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We've arrived

It seems that over the past few weeks, I've been in deep search for some little kick of energy... an obscure surge of zest that awakens my mind to a new and refreshing day. Something about having a baby and lack of sleeping seems to cloud that some, no?

Well folks'. We've arrived.

No, not in the form of robo-Julie with superhuman abilities to fold laundry and vacuum at the same time. I have not mastered nursing a baby while loading the dishwasher or planning a week's worth of meals. That's just crazytalk. Rather, what I am referencing is the lovely little bit of zest that has crept into our home and brightened our days. The increased pep in my step that strangely enough was not brought on with increased caffeine or huge bouts of extra sleep---although, both are definitely welcomed. Who knew that all it would take to feel inspired is some crazy out-of-school Mays and a good dose of 100+ days? Oye. That's right... I'm talkin' summertime.

We've arrived.

This summer, I made a promise to myself to embrace the great summer fun that is our city. Oh, it is SO easy for the heat, fighting littles and relentless baby gear in tow to keep us from even leaving the house. And on some days, home is exactly where we need to be. It is all about living in balance.

Moments of calm...
to balance a good deal of chaos.
And while we have been on our quest to find all the summer secrets of this city...
 The results, have been rather encouraging.
 I'm talking dance-in-the-water, sparkling-lemonade, roll-down-a-hill kind of encouraging.
 And we have soaked it up.

 We continue to be surprised by our findings...

From coffee shop rock and ice-cream flinging contests to some good ole' blues-on-the-green... we are embracing as much as we can. For free.

Hot dog!

Now,  I know that there will be plenty of moments that I will be cursing this heat and truly dragging out my suitcases with a plan to escape to Canada. It happens every year. But until then, I am going to kick off my flips, reach for my frosty beverage and enjoy some fun in the sun.
 You should come play too.

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