Friday, July 11, 2008

All you need is love.

So it seems that crossing the 4 month mark was when Molly finally decided that Gabriel was hers forever. When he first came home, there was this awe of a new baby doll to dress and play with...then came this familiarity to molly- sort of like a couch or something that you see every day, know it belongs in your house but you really never pay that much attention to... until now.

This past week has been so special for us. The first thing that Molly does when she wakes up is run into Gabe's room to tell him good morning and at night she has to have her kiss for Gabe. Two nights ago- Gabe was stretching and I guess she took that to mean he wanted a hug. She reached over and clear as day said, "I love you too little brother". Kelly and I both looked at each other with the knowledge that this moment might be the greatest moment in our lives. Please Lord, don't let me ever forget that moment.

I know that there will be days when they want to give each other away, or terrorize each other or maybe even want to date each other' s friends. But right now is wonderful and I will take it forever if I can. It just warms my heart so much to see that they are each other's closest family...even when Kelly and I are gone. Such a wonderful time!

Here is a video of Molly talking to Gabe during our day at home.

After all... how could you not love this sweet, happy little boy!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! Gabe looks SOOOOO much like Jake in those tummy pictures!! That's crazy! I absolutely LOVE that you can put videos up now. Can we have a pool date next week one day? I miss you guys so much!