Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Wedding Weekend! I didn't really know how to start this post. How do explain to someone 21 years of friendship? I don't think that there are words that really can describe this. I know that amazing and love and happiness are all words that are included in the description but it still does not encompass the entire feeling. Maybe it would be easier if I were just talking about one friend...but nope- I mean seven.

I have had this amazing group of six girls (seven if you count me!) my entire life. When people talk about having no friends from childhood in their adult life I am FLOORED. Where would I be without my girls?!?! Weddings are SO fun when it is someone that you have known back when you used to pretend your mom's pajamas were your wedding dresses. Now we have grown up lives with big girl names. I can't begin to tell you how funny it is to now have best friends with totally different last names. And I try to look back at the childhood version of ourselves all crammed in closets reading articles of cricket and see if there was someway that we knew what it would be like back then. Some glimpse in the future to our adult lives.

Apart- you would never be able to match us up in one group. We could not be more different. I think that my most favorite thing is that when we are all together we just make perfect sense. We have a rhythm that only people that have known you on your first day of kindergarten can share. They are my home.

So- to the point of this post. We had a fantastic time celebrating Lauren and Roberts wedding! I am telling you- these two people just might be the best looking people on the planet! I can't wait to see how beautiful their children will be! This picture totally doesn't do them justice...
Mr and Mrs Wallace

We were sitting right next to the yummy tempting is that?!?!? So, as a result about 19 of my pictures are of the cake! I was a reader for the ceremony which meant that we were a part of the rehearsal as well! Molly and Gabriel went with us to Time Tens Cellars in Lakewood. I have absolutely NO pictures because I was having WAY too much fun! It was catered by Matt's and was absolutely delicious! Molly just might be in more pictures than the bride and groom. She was the CENTER of everything. At one point she was dancing in a truck bed in the middle of a circle of people...I see trouble in her teen years! I am sure that I will have some pictures to share soon!

Back to the wedding. Okay, so the reception was at the Arboretum and it was BEAUTIFUL! It was in the room with amazing lights, beautiful flowers had a mashed potato bar and GELATO! Did I die and go to heaven? It was yummy!

Mom and Kelly breakin' in the dance floor!

A couple of us enjoying some nice catching-up! Tara, we can't wait for your wedding!!!

Our Moms love each other too.

So it was a super great end to a BUSY weekend... I will switch out better pictures as I get them!

Congrats Lauren and Robert- we were so happy to share this special time with you!!!

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Leticia said...

awwww- Lauren got married?! She's still as beautiful as she was 10 years ago (10... yikes!).