Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Catching Up

Today we went to the Dr's office for Gabriel's 4 month check-up. He was such a trooper. I think that Molly was more upset about Gabe's vaccines than he was. She held his hand the whole time and cried for him. Sweet big sister.
Our doctor was SO impressed with Gabriel's size!!! He is like the polar opposite of Molly. In fact, he is quickly gaining on her. Here are his stats from his check-up

weight: 15 lb 14 oz- 70%
height: 26 1/2 in. - 90 % ---WHAT?!?!?!
head: 16 1/2 - 45%

So wow, almost 16 lbs! No wonder my right bicep is becoming a little mighty. When Molly heard how much he weighed she got a little nervous. The time has come to pack on the pounds. Her cute 22 lb self will not stay in the lead for long!!!

She might have gone a bit overboard with this whole "Project Gain Weight"...

Our little cookie monster.


The Rogers Triplets said...

She better hurry up... Bennie was 21 lbs 6 oz on Friday (7 months). We're calling him portly.

Emily said...

Could Molly be any cuter?

Gabe too...