Monday, July 7, 2008


Our favorite night of fireworks actually takes place on July 3rd when we make the annual trek to Addison for Kaboom Town! This is such a special night for my whole family and is one that we look forward to all year long!!! We are so grateful to the Whitehead family for this yearly event- as Kelly puts it- "Kaboom is our one night to be super BIG WIGS"- we LOVE it!

I have come to realize that Kelly and I really don't have any pictures together anymore...funny how having kids changes that! So what you can't see in this picture due to my cropping skills is me shoving Molly out of our picture. Sorry Molly.

Gabriel LOVED his first night of fireworks. Although he slept for the majority of the late evening he definitely woke up for the finale... who is he to miss a celebration!

Molly liked the "fire booms" as she put it but her favorite thing of all was the live band inside... She dominated the dance floor... and she literally danced till closing time!
Here is Molly doing her signature is a cross between a clap and monkey arms...we like to pretend she is doing the "what time is it" dance move.
Such a fun fun night! It was SO great to have fireworks two nights in a row! On the fourth we spent the day with family and then at some wonderful wedding festivities...but that is a post for another day!! Hope you all had a happy holiday too!

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Anonymous said...

Molly is QUITE the dancer- she had a big weekend!

It was great to see you guys :)