Thursday, November 20, 2008

out as long in...



9 MONTHS!!!!

Can you believe it? Our little boy has now officially been "out as long as he was in". That is just unbelievable to me! It has just gone so fast! My ability to be a part of every one of his milestones has been such a blessing!
Today we had Gabe's 9 month check up! Thank you Aunt Maxey for coming along to help and play!!! We sort of started the day at warp speed and really never quite recovered. To give you a glimpse into our life a little... the 5 minutes before we HAD TO LEAVE (which really means that we should have left 5 minutes before that) we were nowhere near ready. If you were to look in my windows (which I am thankful that our blog readers don't) you would have seen Gabe being stuffed into a pair of half dried pants, Molly running around in jammies and Mommy frantically trying to gather all our gear. Poor Maxey, you didn't know that there was a tornado in the forecast today did you?
But we made it. Yes, we were minus formula, a pacifier and socks for Gabe. But we made it. Molly was definitely the waiting room bully...but we survived and had great opportunities to practice the "I'm Sorry". Gabe was VERY angry that he had to have a bag taped to his "little mister" for an hour and half but we did make it...unfortunately...the tee-tee didn't. So, we will try that portion again at his 1 year check up. No biggie.
I am still completely in love with our doctor and Molly is too. She and Dr. Sue went on an expedition to round up all the stickers that they could find. Gabriel is still trying to figure out how he survived all the "trauma of the day" and Molly walked away with all the stickers. Gabe... I have no explanation for you.
Here are the stats from the day:
Head: 17.75 (40%)
Length: 28.5 (60%)
Weight: 19.3 lb (25%)
Gabriel is so active that he is actually losing a little weight. Our doctor assured us that this is normal. He has just been on the go since he was 6 months and hasn't slowed for a second. There is just too much to see!
So what does our 9 month old like to do these days? Well... Gabe's personal favorites include crawling up onto Molly's bed, chasing her down the hall and wrestling. At any time you can find Gabe trying to knock over something in his path. He is now a push toy walker, super kisser, garbage disposal of a boy.
And we just love him SO much!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It was a GREAT day and I am very very glad I was there to read books/hold kids/do potty runs with Molly/and just keep you company. Anything and anytime you need I will be there with alligator scarfs and beatles music! :)