Saturday, January 3, 2009

Austin Adventures

We are back from a wonderful escape to Austin. Why is it that sometimes you just need to get away for a little bit to feel more like yourself? Raul, I don't think that you will ever understand the gift you gave to us by opening up your home for the May family.
One invitations and we were ready to take to the road.

It is amazing how quickly a bachelor pad can become family extravaganza. Raul, I know that you are probably not breathing because the kids are in fact eating spaghetti on the floor of your new apartment...I looks just like you left it. And yes, Molly is eating on your toolbox.

There was plenty of room to spare!

Molly added her own flair to the bathroom...

Our Austin road trip was all about relaxation. Kelly and I had an opportunity to just go through daily life like we lived in Austin. What day is complete without a trip to Zilker.

This park xylophone just might be the best invention ever!!! No matter how loud you bang on it the sound of beautiful wind chimes resonates...

Molly and Gabe had their first trip on the Zepher... Best $1.75 train ride EVER! Right after this picture was taken Kelly was stung by a bee. Another first for Kelly at Zilker.

A little bee didn't stop our fun!

It was a warmer weekend but by no means a hot weekend. In fact, while at Zilker a little cool front blew in. It definitely didn't stop these hard core people from swimming in Barton Springs. If I had so much as jumped in I think that I would have gone right to the bottom... Molly thought it looked like the best "bath" ever.

A day at Zilker is perfect for a picnic. Here is our cutie eating her cutie!

Good food was had by all.

Molly especially liked feeding the birds.

And then chasing them once she had lured them all together.

After Zilker it was time to visit with friends. Remember that cute pregnant lady I referenced?

She looked GREAT! Molly had a lot of time to whisper some secrets to baby Jude and feel his little kicking toes...

Later on that day, we met our favorite people at Hadley's rockin' salon for Gabe's first haircut.

What milestone is complete without some video footage...

Dinner at Hula Hut was SOOOO yummy! This was the first time that we didn't have to wait two hours for a table. Pretty impressive for a party of 10. We had so much fun kicking back and visiting... and watching Nina fight off the crazies.

Full days of fun make for some VERY sleepy children. We had some great together time at the apartment.

The boys handled the dishes while Mommy and Molly took a break.

Our final day in Austin was spent eating lunch with Meagan and Stuart on the capital lawn. Raul, I am a little jealous that you can walk to all these great places. Molly was quite taken with the "princess castle"

The rest of the trip was spent with an awesome nap, visit to see the peacocks (Molly dubbed silly birds) and a delicious trip to EZs where you bet we used our college IDs for that good ole discount.


Such a great trip and not the least bit exhausting... well... perhaps a little tiring for some.

Such a great Austin adventure!

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raul said...

I am sooooo glad you were able to stay. I'm a little sad I wasn't there, but I know you will be back in Austin at some point soon. I am on my way home - and ready for some brisket!