Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Invention Convention

I love inventions! Especially, when I discover them. I am still completely disappointed that my million dollar idea was recently discovered by someone other than me. Even though- it really was my idea first. - can you tell I was a second child or what?
About 9 years ago I decided that it would be hugely beneficial to have a key with a light on it so you could see your key hole in the dark. About 10 months ago, Kelly came home with my invention that he had bought at Home Depot for $5.99. It is now my house key and I have to say it was a great idea. Unfortunately, every time I use the key I am a little bit angry- perhaps I am still pouting.
Oh well, back to my new discovery. My front porch is great! We are the only house on our street that has a front porch with room for a bench. I love wrap around porches and would LOVE one down the road so a porchless home just would not do. Molly and I have always enjoyed reading books on our front porch while we wait for Kelly to come home from work. We bring a big ole' stack of books and sit and snuggle on the bench. Oh how life has changed with Gabe. Gabriel is much more enticed by the plants and the steps and the occasional bugs that it is really difficult to sit and read books on the porch now. He is too much on the go and I am constantly trying to keep him off the stairs.

Last week when I was sweeping out front I thought that I would try an old gate we have to see if it would stretch across the stair opening. Lo and behold... it does!

And all parties win... (pardon my frozen to death/water deprived flowers)
Now if only it would warm up again so we could go and play outside...

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Anonymous said...

I am going to bring you my invention book on Thursday! I think that you will get a lot more out of it right now then I will! Love love love you! Stay warm today and off those slippery roads!