Monday, January 5, 2009

Backwards Day

Did you happen to know when National Backwards Day is? Do you even know what a backwards day entails? Molly does. Let me catch you up too. Backwards Day is every January 31st. This really explains all the backwards people I know born on this lovely date - hehehe Lauren, just seeing if you read the blog.
Please don't even begin to think that I know random things like this normally- I do have a love affair with Google. On backwards day the theme is obviously to do everything in reverse or perhaps in a different way. For example. Eat breakfast for dinner. Now we do this quite often at the May household (like even last night *gasp*) so that one may not be so special for our children. Who knows, maybe this backwards day we will pretend that we drive in London...don't worry, I am mostly kidding.
Our Molly girl decided that January 31st was just a little too far off for her liking. In her opinion, backwards day should be moved to January 5th. So to make a point, Molly decided to wear her pants backwards (and buttoned) and you bet those panties are also on not only backwards but inside-out as well. What a change-up Molly.
Pardon the headless horseman shot (my camera was just out of batteries and I only had one picture attempt)

Now I know that this was clearly just an early celebration of backwards day and in NO way a defiant moment of terrible two. My Molly defiant? NEVER! I really wish I could have taken a picture of her facial expression when after two hours in backwards world I informed her it was time to return to forward living. Not nice.

So this January 31st just be like Molly and wear your Jasmine panties inside-out and backwards. Really, who will even notice?

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Heather Anderson said...

That is sooo Molly! Love it!