Monday, January 12, 2009

From like to love.

Well, I think it is now official that Gabe and Molly have completely transitioned from the like to love phase. There is no turning back. At almost 1 year old our little boy is here to stay and Molly is quite okay with that.

In the past several weeks we have noticed a big change in Molly and Gabe's dynamic. I mean they have always been interested in the other and definitely managed to overstep boundaries before resulting in an cry fest but now it is somewhat different.

They have become inseparable. Now please note that I have four siblings...I know that this emotion is fleeting so we will soak it up why we can.

Two weeks ago we were at a park. This little girl came up to Gabriel and tried to pick him up. Gabe wanted to explore the playground equipment and was feeling a bit bothered with this stranger. From the top of the slide whooshes a miniature blur of crazy hair. She picks up Gabe and tells the other little girl that her "Gabey does not want hugs please".

Yesterday Gabe woke up from nap and was having some great alone time with his daddy. Gabe wanted on the ground so Kelly obliged. Minutes later, Gabe preceded to tear down the hall and throw himself in to Molly's closed door to open it and wake her up. Molly thought it was a great surprise...not so much daddy.

Today, I rounded the corner to see Molly in the middle of pinching Gabe's arm for sucking on her baby dolls foot. She knows that this is ground for an instant time out. Molly meltdown... so what does Gabe do?

Talks to her under the door for the whole time-out of course. Those tears quickly became laughter and the threat of time-out was now transformed to a game.
From the sound of it a very silly game. Probably not the best way to reinforce her time-out but a really sweet moment...


Anonymous said...

aw- i LOVE it! What a great story to tell and photos to show them when they are older (especially good for pulling out in the midst of a teenage sibling fight!).

Kids can be so great... most of the time!

The Rogers Triplets said...

I wish mine liked each other. Right now they just seem irritated that someone wants, or is in the process of stealing their toys. Lily has actually started screaming if the boys touch her. I'm afraid of the future.....