Monday, April 20, 2009

Bounce Fest

Wow, I have so many things to blog about so I think I will just start slowly. This weekend was BUSY with birthdays and slumber parties and yummy restaurants. It was very busy - and to think that is excluding cancelled plans at a bachelorette party - wow... spring is here.

Part of Saturday was spent celebrating our friends Caroline and John Randall's 2nd birthday. We also were celebrating Gabe's first time in a bounce house.

That boy was in heaven...

Serious jumping
bounce town mania...

Laugh your head off kind of fun.

The party had actually switched times because of the storms. It made for some nice mud which our son thought was the BEST thing seconded only to Bounce Houses. In the picture above the brown around Gabe's mouth is not chocolate --- oh no, that is left over mud cake from the ground. Yummy. This next picture really doesn't depict it but Gabe is covered in mud. Of course, I chose to wear a white shirt that day. When will I learn that white shirts are outlawed for like the next 15 years.
After we attempted to towel as much mud off Gabe as we could he just kept his cape around him for good measure. Capt. Muddy.
His other highlight to the day...riding home in only a diaper. I imagine it felt GREAT. If only we could all pull off naked driving...
More to come!

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