Friday, April 17, 2009

Inner Hottie.

Although I would love to be a member on the work-out-everyday-because-I-love-to-sweat group, I have completely come to peace with the reality that I fall more into the the pajama-pants-wearing-eating-a-chocolate-bunny-watching-the-office-reruns crowd. I embrace it. My group may not be very healthy but it is consistently funny and at least very comfortable. Without completely abandoning my people I have decided to take a little plunge into the world of sweaties... even though, I still don't like to sweat.

Kelly and I have had our gym membership now since September. I loved it for the first 3 months...then we sort became distant friends and now... well, let's just stay my bank account has maintained it's relationship with the gym but that's about it- does this happen to anyone else? Kelly and I specifically chose our gym because of the child care option - which we have never explored... until now.

The verdict- quite lovely. I have always carried a little guilt with me anytime I take the focus away from time with the kids. Ironically, I think they were both a little pleased to have me out of their face. Molly could steal toys at ease and Gabe could bulldoze and move EVERY piece of furniture he wanted without my redirection. And I had a lovely date on the treadmill with The Killers. All parties win.

If only I had jumped on board a little earlier I could have embraced my inner hot person a long time ago - well, that and a lifestyle sans chocolate bunnies...but really, what kind of life is that?

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The Rogers Triplets said...

Wow, perfect timing. I joined the Y last week and we went twice this week. I know what you mean about taking the focus off of the kids. I feel kind of guilty dropping them off so I can work out. BUT, I also feel pretty good about myself for doing it. Plus I keep telling myself they need to learn how to be away from me a little bit....not TOO much....but a little bit!