Monday, April 13, 2009

Hop Hop Hop.

My Easter by Molly May:

My mommy and daddy woke me up Easter Sunday to let me know that the bunny had come! I was a little nervous/excited to meet him. This is where I learned that he would not be hanging around for breakfast. I was a little okay with that.

Look at my basket!!!

My little brother Gabriel is not the best at coloring eggs but man, can he hunt them down!

He tried these yellow 'peeps' for the first time. I really don't see what the big deal is- I mean it is not like it tastes like chocolate or anything. That I loved. Gabe can have my peeps and I will gladly take his chocolate.

Doesn't my mommy looking dashing? I sometimes pretend I wear purple towels on my head too.

The Easter Bunny finally realized my magical powers. Don't I make the best fairy. I already knew how to transform daddy into a horse. I am so gifted.
After candy for breakfast and the GREAT hunt it was time for church. I tried to sleep in my dress last night but mommy said it was only for Easter morning. We all dressed like Jasmine and daddy looked like prince Eric. My sister, Lily Ben, was SO pretty at church.

Mommy made me keep my wings in the car at church. Apparently, she didn't want the angels to get jealous of my pink wings---they only have the standard white version. I obliged...after all...Easter is about the great sacrifice and all.

We then went to Nonnie's and had breakfast! We ate a bunch! So much that Gabe's new clothes just didn't fit.
I was so pooped from the fun of the morning that I accidentally fell asleep at home. Oops. Luckily, I woke up just in time for Grandma's. She has the best colors.
and a great yard to have a confetti party!

Can you see my confetti hair? Just like Jasmine.
After Grandma's we cruised by Gigi and Haji's for dinner. They had special baskets for us. I thought that the Barbie basket was my Easter gift. How embarrassing! I do love Gigi's Barbies though.
and Disney dancing in the window. I love that so do my barbies, Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty.
Gabriel filled Haji in on the history of case he didn't know.
Such a hopping day with plenty of opportunities to score a nap... Out of all of my Easters I think that this year was the best. There have been so many though so it is hard to be certain. Hope your Easter rocked your socks off!

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I love this and I love you! :)