Sunday, April 26, 2009


Look! Our trees are almost all the way back... which means that they dropped about a million sticks on our back patio last week.
This weekend we put the crew to work. I continue to be amazed by what an effective cleaning crew they can be. Strange since they can also be an ample force of destruction.

Molly was our serious sweeper. This girl is intense when it comes to sweeping.
Gabe not so much.
He just really likes to push around the biggest brooms and then play in his sister's piles.
which then drove her to the back of the yard to sweep the grass (aka dirt patches) in efforts to escape Gabriel. All this time I thought that our grass was patchy because of grubworms when perhaps it is just because of our little Jasmine.
Without Molly to annoy, Gabriel quickly lost interest. He did however discover that the broom handle is an excellent teether for new molars.

It was really nice to come home from work today to a stick free patio...such a nice surprise from Kelly--- even if the rain might negate the whole process I feel it was worth it for the few hours of pretty.

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Max said...

You are worth a few hours of pretty. :)