Saturday, April 4, 2009

Hey Jude

So it has seems recently that all I’ve got to do is make some time to give all my loving to a certain baby Jude. With a crazy spring schedule I knew that we were looking at a very short visit and perhaps the perfect opportunity to come together and meet Mr. Honey Pie. So Yesterday was the perfect opportunity to enjoy a day in the life of Jude. I don't know how I always seem to forget that life is always a little sweeter with a little help from my friends... such a great weekend!

In my life I have never known a kinder man then Chris. Look at what a great daddy he is!!! That's right Chris--- I'm talkin' 'bout you.

Look at them all together now! Such an adorable little family!

Perhaps you can't buy me love but you sure can buy Molly's! Uncle Chris found these hidden treasures at HEB and let me tell you that these Bad Boys are worn breakfast to bed... Ain't she sweet? I've got a feeling that they day they break we are in for some SERIOUS helter skelter and a VERY important trip back to HEB.

Hey Bulldog! Gabriel in all his puppy like ways quickly took over every snuggle pillow on the floor for snack time. I am not going to lie...there was some real love going on between Gabe and Jude's floor pillow.

Oh Jude, molly did not know love until there was you. She just wanted to hold your hand SO badly. Mel was so great about Molly's need to LOVE on Jude even if inside she was really thinking 'keep your hands off my baby'

I think that Molly thought Jude was the most adorable little child ever!

The next day we got outside because it was such a GOOD DAY for some SUNSHINE. Rikki aka 'Turkey' met up with us and brought her sweet little doggies that even let Gabe tug on their faces.
The puppies were Gabe's favorite part of the trip...he could probably play with dogs eight days a week.
This was Gabe's attempt to HELP Melissa with burping. Amazingly, he couldn't get his little rotund self up the bench.
Molly dominated the playroom, free as a bird, and then sought a special opportunity to run next door to the model home and leave a present in the potty. Why are there not bathrooms at playgrounds people? Every time I go to a new park I find myself thinking... 'Come on park...don't let me down!'

You know all you need is love. Love for me is spending such a beautiful day with my best friend and her sweet baby boy! I still can't believe that there are six children between me and my two college roomies! Amazing.

We were so glad that Turkey got to spend such a fun afternoon with us! It won't be long before baby Miller makes her big entrance too!
Unfortunately time went a little fast and it was quickly time to drive my car and get back to Dallas... after a quick dinner with Uncle Raul in Austin of course!
Don't worry baby Jude...I'll be back and we will bring your Godfather next time!
Gabriel, Jasmine and I had such a great getaway.
The End...
P.S. I love you Jude!

* In case you don't know good music... the italics are all Beatles songs.

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Melissa F said...

I forgot that any pictures of myselef would soon be publicized! Man, I am pale! But thank you for getting some sunshine with me. It was so much fun. Jude loved being loved by all of you! We already miss you and can't wait for our next visit. Muah!