Sunday, March 28, 2010

Our Disney Day

On Friday morning we escaped good ole' Dallas for a bit to enter in to the FABULOUS world of Disney. It was fancy, guys...

In case you didn't know this about me, (I mean, how could you not know this?!) I HEART Disney. The fact that both my children know all the characters to the movies and the songs warms my heart more than anything--- especially because they haven't even seen half the movies (we just happen to own all the underwear). When potty training there is a lot of time spent in the bathroom which is prime for discussing underwear characters and their stories. Nothing quite like learning all the lyrics to Prince Ali and how to tee-tee all the same time. It works for us.

So, when I stumbled across these incredibly priced tickets for Disney on Ice, I jumped on it! Definitely my favorite way to spend a Friday with our besties.
We were in LOVE. First of all, this show is pretty incredible. The music, the skating and the costumes are fantastic--- can we please take a minute also to point out that Princess Jasmine had the most amazing abs. Now I know why Molly aspires to become her--- she was in super shape. My personal favorite moment was when Gabriel was yelling all the princesses that he saw. He knows them all.
Our morning was sugar-infused greatness.

Very hard to take pictures when you are in such high anticipation of the show!!!
I had been a little worried that Gabriel wouldn't hold interest through the whole thing. WRONG! He was fascinated. Especially when Woody and Buzz came flying on the ice. It rocked his world so much that he had to dance it out.
We decided to add to our sugar high with a healthy dose of carbs at Tony's Pizza. MMMmmm. Because you can never have too much Disney in a day, the Musketeers watched a little bit of "UP" on Tiffany's Iphone-- until Gabriel's noggin blocked the screen and the sugar-high started to plummet. Then it was time to head home for some Disney dreams.
Once home, I instantly checked Disney World packages and can't wait to take our crew to Magic Kingdom... in perhaps two years. I think I could wait 15 more years and it would still be incredible!
If you have a chance to see Disney on Ice don't pass it up! It is SO worth it.


Janet said...

I heart Disney so very much too!! I'm so glad y'all had a good time seeing the ice show. I would love to take the kids to something like that! We are planning to make a Disney trip in December and I am super excited. Hope it will all work out!

Melissa Figueroa said...

Just found out today that we (as in Rikki,Ana and I) just got tickets to Beauty and The Beast the Broadway Musical in October...little princesses just get older, but they never grow out of the magic, romance, and happiness of Disney Musicals!