Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ballet Recital

Today was the day of the big recital! Molly was so excited to have so many people she love come and watch her dance. Well, that and her chance to wear make-up and fancy apparel again. She loved it all! The performance was really cute! They tried this new space for the recital this year and it was not stadium seating which made it near impossible to see unless you darted to the side of the room... which luckily, one VERY smart daddy did to videotape it. Molly was a little in front of the teacher in the wings so she improvised a little on her dancing. She had a blast!

*Don't forget to pause my music on the side...

We were a proud Mommy and Daddy.

Today was a big day for cousins all around. Makenzie also crossed over to a Brownie today which means she had her own ceremony just before. I guess you could say it was a big day for the grandparents too.
Molly was eager to show Granny her first trophy!

These two have a lot to discuss about life on the stage.

Gabriel did miss the recital to play with his cousins and Uncle John! He had so much fun. Had he stayed for the performance he probably would have rushed the stage...seeing how much he cries every time we drop her off at practice. He did rejoin the group for Babes and it seemed that the deep south deliciousness made up for all missed performances. Food heaven.

I see many more dance recitals in our future!

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Mary Anne said...

Molly looks like the perfect little dancer, sounds like she is hooked!!