Sunday, May 30, 2010

On the brink

Well, I had all these grandeous plans to send a nice last email from
our current home... But it appears we have become huge packrats and
the packing/cleaning battle might have upgraded to war. Lucky for
us... We are winning. But because this process has taken so long. Here
I sit. Without cable/Internet blogging from my phone.

Two thoughts for the moment. First, I love google because I now know I
can blog from my phone. Second, it is really difficult to type
grandeous and chase a gabe at the same time.

Big day, folks.

Tomorrow morning the movers arrive. Today is finishing up all the
little things on the master list... Least favorite, saying goodbye.
Hooray for no make-up... That was a wise choice.

So today is bittersweet. And we are really dirty from cleaning. But
tomorrow, well that is something totally new. And we are on the brink...

Think good thoughts for us, we need them.

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1 comment:

Stewart Stuff said...

Cheers to a grand new adventure! See you in a few weeks at Avery's bday party.