Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Rehearsal

Wow, how far we have come in just 6 months! Molly would have NEVER stood on a stage in a small room full of people if her life depended on it a mere 6 months ago... but today--- she couldn't get enough of the spotlight!

This afternoon, Molly had her rehearsal for her ballet recital this weekend. Nonnie watched Gabey which meant that Molly and I had a date. She was excited to have a Mommy date but WAY more excited to wear make-up. To each their own.

I am so sad that Kelly had to work during the rehearsal--- he has no idea the level of cuteness that is going to take place on Saturday afternoon. I am smiling just thinking about it,

Just take this (which is already way stinkin' cute!)

and multiply it by 14 other little cuties. And yes, there will be video footage... and don't you worry... it will most definitely be making the blog! Perhaps it could make up for my lack of posting?
And an even cuter post might be me writing about how Gabriel BEGGED me to put make-up on him too all the way to Nonnie's... sweet Gabe, he wants to be just like his big sister... and secretly I would LOVE to get mascara on those lashes. It would be beautiful. but alas, Molly and I are stuck with the stubby lashes.


Allison said...

Holy smokes. That's adorable!

Stewart Stuff said...

She looks so excited! Don't worry my brother once asked me to put make up on him and paint his nails. The joys of having a sibling 6 years younger than you.

Carole said...

She IS so cute! Love it! And isn't it so true that the boys always get the good lashes!

Southland Children's Ministry said...
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Janet said...

So cute! Love the costume. Can't wait to see the video footage. Oh, and I totally know what you mean about putting mascara on the wonderfulness of your kid's lashes. Some things in life seem so unfair...like short eyelashes! Ha!