Saturday, May 22, 2010

Taste of Addison!

Well this weekend we have been stuck between two choices: Dive full on into packing or play with friends. In true May form we went with the latter. We like to push things to the limit anyways and packing this far in advance is just silly--- we do still have 8 days. (In reality, we have done a BUNCH of packing...)

Taste of Addison this year was... well, quite frankly it was YUMMY! I mean what's not to love about a festival completely devoted to eating the yummiest of food. I settled for some May Dragon, Melting Pot and this awesome Sangria that Aunt Maxey found... no clue where it came from but I drank it and was yummy.

We just love the city of Addison so much... they sure do have one incredible City Manager. If you didn't get a chance to check it out don't fret! You still have one full day... and I believe that tomorrow is the wine tasting day--- yum.

We had some fun in the sun...

and then cooled off in the fountain.

This year, we were ready for wet and had a change of clothes. See... you learn as you go. Maybe we should learn to pack a little more.

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