Friday, May 13, 2011

1 Month

So guess who is now a month old?!?! Yep! This cute gal. And technically, she is 5.5 weeks but who really cares about those technicalities, right?
It is hard to believe that Lucy has been a part of our household for a month now. For selfish reasons, I hope the next 11 months don't go quite so quickly. I want to soak up this last baby stage as long as I can! I look at Lucy now and see so much more baby and less newborn tendencies. Perhaps this is because we are becoming so much more comfortable with her. Lucy is definitely starting to lose some of that newborn smooshed body. She will still snuggle up but just today I was noticing how long she looks. Lucy is still quite honestly our easiest baby of all. She never cries. Fussiness is supposed to peak at 6 weeks and we have probably heard her all out cry like 2-3 times in her whole life. She prefers to grunt. Our little piggy for sure. Still the ever eater and thankfully, is starting to gift me with 4-5 hours of straight sleep at night. YAY!

Lucy's continues to be another curly girly for our family. I think I should just buy stock in conditioner now because that is definitely our only way of surviving Molly's hair. Much like Gabriel as baby, Lucy will only have a poo every 3-4 days... and it is a blow out. Almost EVERY time. Let me tell you I am completely rethinking the white swing, white car seat cushion, white EVERYTHING that is our baby gear. Oxyclean just might be my saving grace. Gabriel would go 8-10 days without having a bowel movement and it would make me so nervous... no belly distention, no gassiness.... according to his doctor, he was just absorbing all that he was eating. I can assure you that at 3-years-old, he is quite regular. So, I am reminding myself that she is fine. There are so many random similarities between the kids but that is a post for another time. A very soon post.

My CAN'T live without item this go around has been my Maya ring sling for sure. Gabriel is too much of a daredevil for me to be stuck behind a stroller at a park. He is like a magnet to the monkey bars. Luckily, with Lucy right with me, we can take off running if need be on a rescue mission. Have I mentioned before the benefits of babywearing?

Molly and Gabriel continue to be crazy about their sister. Molly's favorite is definitely the daily bottle she gets to give her and Gabriel has to hold her hand in the car while we drive. Our kids have also taken to calling Lucy, "Lu Lu Bird" because of this cooing noise she makes. They think it is the funniest thing yet. Every time she does it they will just crack up laughing. I am sure she will keep her siblings laughing for years to come.

Our lovely Lu. The perfect fit for our family.


Anonymous said...

She is an absolute doll and I just love LOVE her cheeks!!! She's such a cutie
Erin Westrom

Rikki said...

She is so beautiful. I love these pictures.

Max said...

This is a wonderful post! I can't wait to see you all soon! Love you all and give that sweet Lu Lu bird a kiss for me! :)