Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's so fluffy.

Want to win the heart of one Molly May? Schlep on her face a load of frosty lip gloss and a light dusting of eyeshadow-blushy goodness and she'll look at you like you just gave her the world. Add a fluffy tutu to the mix and she is moved beyond words. A Molly without words ranks somewhere along the same scale as pigs flying. Just saying.

Knowing this, you can imagine the fluffy, her-world-gone-perfect, moment she experienced last Saturday. I think she giggled with makeup faced joy for the full three exits down the highway to the recital hall. Coupled with the fact that her Daddy---like a pro--- managed to tackle end of tee-ball game awards, race with two kids in tow and still arrive, flowers in hand, with minutes to spare... propelled Molly in to happiness overload. I mean, the joy's all there... just look at that real smile of major smeared glossy goodness. 

Between Gabriel's tee-ball game and Molly's ballet demonstration, it was perhaps our busiest day of parenting "schoolers". It was a small glimpse into a reality of growing kids and the excitement that goes with sharing in their accomplishments. While I know that there might come a day where we have to embrace more of a divide and conquer mentality, I am thankful that in this moment... we were all right where we wanted to be.

It was moment to treasure for always. I love those moments the best.

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