Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Wanna-be Big

I feel like the baby stage lasted forever with Molly. Granted... things were really different then. I was a full-time working, overly-exhausted, emotionally crazy (thank you, thyroid), new mom of a teensy. Her milestones all happened somewhat on target... more on the middle to later end, but it worked for me. More snuggles post work. No complaining here.

I think uncovering the unique traits of each of my children has been the most beautiful life lesson for this Mommy. I grew them all inside, followed the same sorts of diets, kept their new baby routines relatively the same... and yet, each of their childhoods will feel so incredibly different and unique to them... and to me.

So, while I thought it would feel sad that my tiniest kiddo (6 oz. smaller than Molly at her age) would be rushing milestones to catch up with the sibs, it really doesn't. I'm different... she's different... I want her to feel a part of their lives. With Lucy specifically... that kid is going to do what she wants to do within the realms of safe. She has her own plan for everything.

At least all her wanna-be big efforts are pretty stinkin' cute.

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