Sunday, May 20, 2012

The look

This was perhaps our busiest weekend ever as parents. Busy and wonderful. In fact, I have about 7 posts swirling around in my waterlogged, exhausted brain. Uploading pictures to my computer is success enough for tonight. I'm pooped.

So. I'll start small. Little posts of extra love is never a bad thing. Since I'm starting tiny... I'll start with the smallest.

Lucy's look.

It's everywhere right now. Wait. SHE'S everywhere right now. I have only known one other baby (her cousin) to climb like she does. You can't turn your eyes from Lucy for one second. I mean it, don't even think about blinking.

The outlets, the cleaning supplies and the top bunk are all fair game for this little miss. Her new favorite game is to run up on her big brother going to the bathroom and try to catch his pee mid-stream. We have lots of hand washing opportunities here. Several nights ago, Kelly was looking EVERYWHERE for his cellphone. We called it about 15 times because we could only hear it faintly somewhere...which ended up being in the pantry of the kitchen... in the bottom of the recycling bin...behind the closed door. I found the TV remote there this morning. Tonight at dinner, I was chopping veggies and Kel came in the kitchen for a quick drink and we both looked up to see Lucy standing on the table... dancing. She is crazy, ninja-baby quiet.

When Daddy scooped her up after I had been chasing her out of the dugout all tball game was perhaps her biggest victory of the day.  She is the sneakiest of the sneaky. And she knows it.

Here's her ole'  "Catch that, Mom?" look.


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bellalynne25 said...

Okay, this made me laugh out loud!! Mostly because I know EXACTLY what you mean. :-)