Monday, May 21, 2012

Surgery today

Do you like how I ask for love and prayers and then provide absolutely NO follow up afterwards? Sorry, friends.

I'll tell you a secret though... all that love? It's working.

Adeline Camille arrived just in time for a Wednesday lunch date. She was 18 3/4 in. and 6 lb 11 oz of beautiful. For all the potentials that could have gone wrong---they didn't. Her Dad wrote a beautiful post about that day here. And like him... I agree...  it was a day of very important small miracles. There is a lot of love surrounding this sweet family.

So, because it has been working so well... I was sort of hoping (insert- really hoping) that you all would be able to send some extra love today as well. You see, this sweet babe above has a very big heart surgery this morning. It is going to be a very long day. You can read all about it here... her parents have really done their homework---They're sort of awesome like that.

*And unlike last time... I will NOT leave you hanging.

First update: Surgery has started....sending whole hearts of love to Addie!

Second Update: Surgery is done, her heart is beating independently and she should be headed to her room within the hour. She'll be closed up in several days. stay tuned...

Third Update: Addie had a GREAT night and will have her chest closed up sometime today!! This gal... what a fighter!

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts and prayers go to that sweet girl and her family!