Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Well, it happened again. I swear I just turned away from the computer to stretch my arms out for one quick second and BAM! we arrived almost two weeks later. Nobody warned me about the end of school rush for this newbie with a schooler. They really pack it all in, yo. Seems life could use some extra batteries.

In recent days, when I'm not in the shuffle of between places with littles, crossing off that ever-evolving list, I have been lost in thought just trying to work out a sense of comfort in my surroundings. It's not a bad place to be... this whole lost in thought thing. I really believe that there is something beautiful to be found in a space of time solely devoted to processing. We've had a bit of transition recently and rather than just wrap up in a blanket of anxiety and shuffle through, I am choosing instead to look at it this change square in the face and see it for what it is. We're growing.

Whether or not, it is on my time tables or of my circumstances really doesn't matter. It is here. We have been lost in limbo somewhere between accepting job offers and waiting for start dates, decisions to move to a new home next month and yet the waiting that comes with the perfect timing for that new place, shifting the roles of our home with Kelly here all day and feeling the pull of busy shifts in the ER for work. There's been a lot. I trust that it will all work out as it is meant to be and I feel supported by people we love every single step of the way. It's the balancing and breathing that I just may not be so good at. But, I'm learning. I am a Libra after all.

Part of empowering my resiliency is taking myself out to the sunshine, where I feel life the most.


In a company of specials that make feel whole.

Because sometimes, it all just seems a little clearer off the grid, soaking up the splendor of your surroundings. The day-trips to places new, lunchtime beers on a Wednesday, board games by candlelight... it's just enough different and yet the perfect balance of safe to grow.

A positive sense of balance is HUGE and something to write home about--even if it takes you two weeks.

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Katy Ricken said...

Love that little Lu-bug!! Her smile brightens ANY day!!