Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Gabriel has been dealing with little separation issues recently which we are working through. I have been using the child care at the gym as an opportunity for him to practice. The first time he did fine mainly because he was so distracted by the toys and didn't know what to expect. His second visit he cried for 22 minutes. Today was the third attempt.

I had talked with Molly about how much Gabriel loves her and how she really does a great job of making him smile *** insert in here what I really mean---mommy could really benefit from a workout please help your brother so they don't call me out of the gym*** we were on the same page. Molly told me all the sweet things that she was going to say to Gabe if he cried and how she was going to play with him the whole time.

Drop off: Gabe predictably starts crying. Molly takes off her shoes...runs past Gabe to play and yells back without turning around : "You are fine Gabey---don't cry." Her work was done and he looked at me with this look of abandonment. Apparently today he only cried for 6 minutes after I left and then again when I picked him up so I would know that he was really still upset---even if it had looked like he was maybe having a little fun for a minute. But shhh...don't let on.

Work in progress.

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Janet said...

Hahahaha! Poor Gabe! That is so funny though.