Saturday, April 11, 2009

Not gonna' dye from some sugar

COLOR EGGS NIGHT IS SOOOO MUCH FUN! Gabriel was ready for it (here is his 'say cheese' face)

Okay, so he was REALLY pumped.
After the excitement had set in dad then fueled them with sugar. They locked themselves away to protect us.

Time to color eggs! Molly was an ole' pro this year.

A pizza faced, sugar infused, napless ole' pro...
telling daddy all her great plans for her Easter art
Of course she was a pro. She had some great teachers...

Now Gabe on the other hand. Total Rookie. Gabriel thought it best to taste each color before dying the egg. He made this horrible face each time and then would do it again. I tried to capture it and this was the closest I could get to it...
Real men love pink!
Our little southpaw. Check out that right hand...nice. Think that will match his Easter outfit?
By yellow he had it down.
Unfortunately, yellow got a little mangled in the transfer from cup to Gabe's mouth to egg carton. Look closely. When the colors were complete, Papa John decided that it was the perfect opportunity to refuel. Molly was up for it.
Gabe too. I think that Gabriel won the messiest boy on the planet award last night. No skipping bath here. I would love to have people with sensory issues near Gabriel just to watch their reaction. When you touch his chest it would adhere to your finger like glue. Nice.
But seriously, you're not going to dye from a little sugar...well, unless you are diabetic... in that case... don't be like GABE!
Stickin' to you some Easter love!

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Leslie Dominie said...

Such a great surprise seeing you guys this morning--your kids are even more adorable in person! Hope yall had a great Easter!