Friday, March 22, 2013

Fantastical Friday

I was driving home with the kids today when I look out the window to this:

Ok, not really. But sort of. 

*You know minus us not living in New York and there was in fact, no seahorse involved. The rest... totally legit and completely magical.*

This mom in my neighborhood rides a 5 ft unicycle to and from school drop off with her kids. Coolest.Mom.Ever. I'm a little bummed this fun lady can't be my mom. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, today I happened to look up at her just magically gliding along and noticed not only was she leading her crew through the 'hood like a parade but that she was also carrying a world's cutest dogs 2013 calendar in her right hand. If the coverpage was any sort of homage to the rest of the calendar, it was indeed filled with the world's cutest dogs. 

My jaw dropped and Gabe quietly whispered... "Wow, that's fantastical." 

Yep, Son. It sure is.

So it hit me, as I turned my less magical mini-van, Olive, around the corner to home that there is a lot of fantastical in this world and I am going to make note of it right here on the ole' bloggity blog for a weekly weekend kick off. Lucky you.

A new series--- Fantastical Fridays. Lots of fantastic, a whole heap of magic and a bit of ole' whimsy.  Stay tuned!


Mary Anne said...

Wow!! That sounds truly fantastical indeed!

Lisa said...

Is that Laura Dean? She is a former MM. I see her out on her unicycle too. Love it!

Julie said...

Yes!!! I want to be her friend. Haha.