Sunday, March 3, 2013

Hello, March

Coming off a weekend of evening shifts, I am amazed at how easy it felt tonight to glide in to the natural rhythm of everyday living. For all the boogery, allergy-goodness living in my face right now, it did little to throw off my balance in reclaiming the weekend.

Glancing over mid-chew at my chameleon compadre on a night that could have been any Sunday dinner scene...

I was suddenly met with an acute awareness of just how incredible this weekend was. For all the obligatory locked away time with weekend working, there sure was a lot of living in the squished between spots. Pockets of greatness? I'll take it.

March joined us this weekend and opened the windows of the season with beautiful torrents of bustled breezes. Gusting and cool, we all rocked the wind blown look.

We joined up pink-faced and chapped skin, taking claim of a glorious Texas blue sky. A perfect backdrop for celebrating Texas Independence with some really great company.

Let's be honest. Is there really any better way to welcome March then with an afternoon spent flying kites? The 85th annual kite festival, our most favorite Austin festival, did not disappoint. A festival three years ago that punctuated our decesion to move to Austin as a family still greets us with the same joy and excitement year after year.

This festival welcomed the newness of great company and better kites

which paired quite nicely with my children's mad kite flying skills. Seriously, Gabe very likely reached inner zen out there. Independent and strong, Lightening McQueen soared!

Molly maintained cautiously excited the entire time, keeping her kite at a nice safe level below Gabriel's, still clutching tightly to the memory of the great tangle of 2012.

Even Lucy flew her own kite!

Sunshine and cool breezes, I like you. 

Now for our mad rush to soak up as much spring before she melts away in to the arrival of summer. I see a lot of this in our very near future...

No complaining here.

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Noelle said...

Love the pics from Kite Fest! So bummed we missed it this year.