Thursday, March 7, 2013

Morning Chatter

These two are SUCH a mess.

I am reaffirmed everyday that while at times a bit neurotic, having a Molly in the mix is a nice balancing combination for May home life. Because Gabriel and Lucy??? They are nothing short of crazypants. This year Lucy and Gabriel have enjoyed special time for them 3 days a week at home.  They are quite possibly the silliest people I have ever met and together a force of chaos to be reckoned with. I find it funny that for some time I was sad that Gabriel couldn't go in to kinder right behind Molly and now, I am so thankful that my younger two have had this year to really grow as silly siblings. Lucy is going to miss Gabriel's company so much.

Quite honestly, we both will.

I think my most favorite daily doings with Gabriel is our car chats. Aside from his millions of questions about this world, his mind additionally wanders to topics that just don't come up in typical every day chatter. Case in point.

This morning on the way to pick up dry cleaning:

Gabriel: "When am I going to live to 196 years old?"
Mom: "Well buddy, people don't live that long yet. You can maybe be 100, though."

pauuuuuse for processing.

Gabriel: "Well Vampires live that long. So, I just have to be a vampire. In fact, I hope that Mommy, Daddy, Lucy, Molly, Rosie George and Milo all turn into Vampires and we can be old together."

Mom: "That's nice, Gabe but I don't want to be a Vampire."
Gabriel: "Why not? Blood tastes awesome! You really should try it."

pauuuuuuse for processing.

Mom: "Nope. Don't think I want to try blood. I think I'll stick with orange juice"
Gabriel: "Well, since Molly knows how to make magic potions, I bet she can make your blood taste like orange juice."

Mom: "Well, that would work then."

I'm excited for his kindergarten teacher. They have no idea what is in store for them.

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rmsotsky said...

That is one FANTASTIC car chat :) I miss hearing all about them!!!