Monday, March 18, 2013

Green love.

Weeks that I am on working late nights can often lead to a week worth of overlooked fun. In many ways, it's there waiting to be discovered, I'm just far too tired to seek it out. For as crazy as this past week of working was, I am so ever thankful that in this Spring break week of goodness, the fun sought us.

Holey Pajamas. We packed a lot in.

And while I'm realistically tired from the working last week... the time spent playing outside, visiting our families and laughing with friends was like a vacation for my soul. In this case, the doing more had a direct correlation to the feeling more alive. Don't even get me started on the sunshine. Spring forward for my family is the BEST.GIFT.EVER. Especially when it lines up ever so perfectly with spring break. The mornings spent sleeping until 8:30 were a tiny little taste of the summer to come. Don't get me wrong, education is great and all... but this whole living life out of the schedule of an elementary school student? It's beautiful. I'd like more of that, please.

I'm stalling.

Can you tell?

It's just there's so much. I don't want to miss getting it down but at the same time... I don't want to rush through it. Where to start? I guess in the truest of Julie May fashion... I'll cruise by it all backwards. Afterall, the entire week did in fact start off backwards.

For a typical May Spring Break... we start the week off with some R&R, welcome the sunshine of spring forward, supplement with some friend adventures, followed immediately by WAY too overzealous spring cleaning projects and tap it all off with a visit to Dallas to celebrate a personal favorite holiday with all my Irish loving lot. Except this year, St. Patty's was the SUNDAY on the last day of break. With Molly's potential back to school meltdown looming on the horizon and Kelly's business trip this week, it was too much to tackle on. So we reversed our trip plans and tried a whole new approach.

I mean, what's one to do with all that GREEN wearing, Irish love to give and no nearby Grandma's house to hit up?

You listen to the French Guy.

Who *kindly* tells you to get your head out of your booty, stop feeling sorry for yourself, look around and start enjoying all these people you love so much right here.

He's a smart man, that French Guy. Especially because he knows to claim only IRISH come March 17th.

Our Irish happy hour was a blast. Great friends, green food/beer and a PURPLE bouncy house... what's not to love? And while, I am consistently reminded about the community we have in this town, it still manages to take me by surprise with a flood of happy-teared eyes every single time.

p.s. who is this long legged, tall kid and where is my baby?

My favorite little greens are soooo loved. That goes way beyond lucky.

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