Thursday, March 28, 2013

Happy Heiny.

I don't know about you but my kids are OBSESSED with potty talk. I mean, look for any opportunity to throw the word poop into the mix, just so they can have a giggle. They had trained Lucy for about a solid week to introduce herself to people as Lucy Poop May. The bigger the sibling reaction the larger the claim of her new identity. It was ridiculous.

Now. If potty talk can sneak its way to the dinner table, then you know S@!* just got real. Ain't nothing more scandalous then sneaking in a little tootie word at the table. It's like the 5-yr-old version of the penis game. 

We have a pretty solid plan of attack on this as parents. Our kids can say whatever potty word they want to say, but it has to be said in the bathroom at a level that NOBODY else can here. It's pretty standard to see Gabriel most meals, get up, walk off to the bathroom, whisper something and come back giggling. Maybe not the best practice but it works and I feel pretty content with his increased autonomy over it all. 

Now the getting up from their chair...almost in my chair... to practically on my lap while eating transition that has happened of recent has welcomed the arrival of some new dinnertime routines.

Meet my newest "idea" (p.s. marry someone that can roll with it)

The happy heiny. 

At the start of dinner, we take notice of who has a happy heiny. You can even yell it out "I have a happy heiny" if you feel. Little duct tape, lots o' fun. Annnnnd they get to say heiny at the dinner table which is basically poop's baby cousin once removed. It's funny, they laugh, I get to eat without a Gabriel sharing my chair. 

Everyone wins.

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