Friday, March 29, 2013

Fantastical Friday!

Two times. That makes something a tradition right? I need to consult the hubs--- after all, he did go to Texas A&M for a bit.

Nevertheless, go me.

Friday's fantastical actually met us at the park today. Ominous rain clouds that delayed rain and made way for whimsy magical spring breezes. Our quiet kid was the FIRST one to find a playground friend...who is actually in the first grade too. Everyone independent, everyone trying new things. It was beautiful.

Monkey bars have sort of been Molly's nemesis these past few years. She so wants to do them and yet, she so doesn't. Hey, I get it----it's scary up there. Now, sitting on TOP of the monkey bars. Oh, no. Never.

And yet...

on a Friday... when the weather is pretty amazing...

you might find with some good company that bravery comes in GREAT quantities.

After playing for 30 minutes with this little boy, Gabriel finally asked him what his name was (that is one of my favorite things about kids, btw!). Guess what it was? Gabriel. It really tickled my Gabe's funny bone.

And Lucy scaled the highest rock wall independently which didn't land her a broken arm. Not pictured for Nonnie's sake. 

Brave. AWESOME. Magical fun... pretty stinking fantastical if you ask me.

And just so you can laugh... this is fantastical too.
Enjoy the start to a holiday weekend!

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