Thursday, October 29, 2009

Can you believe it?

It is almost November 1st... Can you believe it?! This month has been INSANELY busy for us so I am going to do a couple separate posts for each of the little events that have been going on--for the grandparents of course!

We have been SUPER excited about Halloween coming up but recently we did have a little fast forward to something that Molly found a bit more exciting than even Halloween... and that means it is REAAALLLLLLLLYYYY exciting...

That is right folks, the toys r us BIG BOOK arrived in the mail this week. Yes, we have not even made it through Halloween and the big Christmas book has arrived and my husband is perhaps dying a little inside but COME ON... a Christmas big book a bit early is WAY better than a mailbox of bills. Right?

Molly agrees. She was quiet for a long while after the mail came and when I went to find her this is what I saw... get ready Santa because Molly has a VERY detailed list coming your way!

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