Monday, October 26, 2009

Looking Back

I have realized that in the world of parenting there are good days and bad days. There are those moments where your children warm your heart and others where you really believe that they have been taken over by aliens. I have found that the happy memories (though few and far between sometimes) can carry you through trying times. In the world of two active toddlers there often seems to be more trying days than not--- and believe me, I rely on those happy memories to carry me to the next one.

I love holidays and feel like we fully embrace them as a family but wowzers, it seems like we often never stop moving. Holidays with a big family can be BUSY and we are almost there again. I am noticing some of my favorite moments with the kids seem to be the ones that take place on a random ordinary day in a quiet moment at home.

Those memories can make for a nice smile on a gloomy/raining Monday. I found this one over the weekend when we were going through old video footage. Hard to believe that Gabriel is the age that Molly is in this video. Wow... time sure does fly.

Sorry for all you that don't have access to Youtube in the workplace... (mom!)

*don't forget to pause music on the side.


HeatherBakes said...

Those two love each other so much!! Gabe never takes his eyes off of his big sis. Too sweet :)

Max said...

This is wonderful! It's crazy how similar they are at this age. It's funny, cause in my head, Molly has always been able to talk. Haha. I mean, of course she went through the gibberish stage. Haha! What a sweetheart she is. And what a good big sister (most of the time) to Gabey! :)

Max said... sound SOOOOO tired in this video! haha! Love you!